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Fishing & Bar Kanaya

  • Recommended! Fish devil stinger sashimi
    Recommended! Fish devil stinger sashimi 550 yen((Market price)
    The remaining bone is a bone cracker for 220 yen!
  • Winter menu example<Fishing & BAR Kanaya>
    Deep-fried squid 500 yen
    Ikanago Yanagawa-style 500 yen
    Squid vinegar dish 500 yen
    Fried devil stinger 550 yen, etc.((Market price)
Savor Setouchi delicacies and delicious local sakeFrom one person to couples, families and groups with an abundant menu.You can casually enjoy mainly Sanuki food such as delicious fresh fish from Setouchi and Sanuki gourmet "bone-in chicken".
Seats are available at the counter, private rooms, and large tatami rooms.
*Closed every Sunday((Closed on Mondays in the case of consecutive holidays on Sundays and Mondays)
  • Live fish
    You can live the fish of Shikoku.
  • Kanaya seafood three-piece set
    Assortment of 10 kinds of sashimi
    Grilled seafood
    Hors d'oeuvre such as yakitori 7200 yen
  • Sanuki Bone Bird
    Bird with bone Wakadori 900 yen
          Parent bird 1000 yen
  • 2022 Winter Kanaya Hot Pot Menu
    Seafood udon sukiyose hot pot (2 servings) 2,750 yen
    hormone pot       (2 servings) 2300 yen
    Hiroshima oyster miso pot (for 2 people) 2,300 yen