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Frequently Asked Questions

One-day hot springs at "Shikoku Takamatsu Onsen" are open from 500 yen per person.

  • Can people with tattoos bathe in hot springs?

    Please note that guests with tattoos are prohibited from bathing in our hotel's large hot spring bath.
  • Can you keep my luggage before check-in?

    If you arrive before check-in, we will be responsible for your luggage at the front desk.Please bring your valuables with you.
  • Is there a parking lot.

    There is a charge for parking.We offer light cars to 3 plates for 1000 yen (tax included) per vehicle per night. However, please understand Continue reading
  • I have foods and allergies that I don't like.

    We will use other ingredients, so please ask at the time of booking.
  • Is there a store near you where you can rent a bicycle?

    There is a bicycle rental port in Kotoden Kataharamachi Station Square, a 2-minute walk from the hotel.
    You can also drop off at rental cyclContinue reading
  • Is there a coin laundry cleaning shop? → YES

    There is a coin launderette in front of the hotel.
    Business hours from 6:00 to 24:00.

    There is also a cleaning shop next door, so you can fContinue reading
  • Is the station close to the beginning? Is there a transfer?

    There is an Arcade Kataharamachi Shopping Street next to it, and next to it is Kotoden Kataharamachi Station, which is a 2-minute walk.
    You Continue reading
  • Is there a supermarket convenience store nearby? →YES YES

    There is a supermarket "Marunaka" right in front of you.
    It takes about 20 seconds on foot.We sell products cheaper than convenience stores.Continue reading
  • What is the check-in / check-out time?

    Check-in is at 16:00 and check-out is at 10:00 the next day.
  • Can I eat in my room? →NO

    No.Meals will be prepared at the private room venue, banquet hall, or restaurant.
  • I'd like to stay consecutively, but are they in the same room?

    It may not be possible if the check-in date is close to the date of reservation.
    Please contact us once.
  • What kind of amenities goods do you have?

    【What you have in your room】
    Yukata, toothbrush, bath towel, towel, shave

    【What is available in the large communal bath】
    Body shampoo / rinContinue reading
  • Can I add breakfast on the day? →YES YES

    You can add breakfast for 1050 yen even on the day.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.